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Suspended & Injured Riders

Updated 10.50am Wednesday 10 June
Suspended Riders:
Injured Riders:
Joshua Kam | Out until futher notice from Wednesday 10 June

Vinnie Colgan | Out for up to 12 weeks from Friday 22nd May after having surgery.

Darren Danis | Not riding from 25 March. Having surgery 19th May and looking to return in 4 to 6 weeks.
Troy Harris | Had surgery on shoulder in May, looking to resume riding in the new season.
Eilish McCall | Out until further notice from Saturday 11 January. Recovery going well, looking to return riding in August.
Zinjete Moki | Out until further notice after race day fall at Awapuni Thursday 26 December, looking to return riding in July.
Donavan Mansour | Out until further notice from Wednesday 30 October after an accident at the starting barriers at Te Aroha
Not currently riding, or overseas:
Dylan Turner | Has retired from riding
Charlotte O'Beirne | Not riding until further notice.
Brandon Morgenrood | Not riding until further notice
Madan Singh | Out until further from Saturday 8 February 
Michael McNab | Not riding until further notice

If you are injured, or will not be riding for any reason, please advise the NRB on 0508 722 464.  

You will need to have the correct forms filled out by your local GP and then sent to [email protected] for NZTR to follow the correct clearance process.  

Please speak to your local Training Advisor for a copy of the forms and to confirm the process.