Career Options

Stable Management

Stable foremen or managers are responsible for the day to day responsibility of running the stable, staff organisation and horse welfare.


As well as specific stud duties, breeding farms involve more general farm work. Tasks such as stock work and farm maintenance like fencing, weed control and pasture management will be carried out in the day to day running of the farm.

Stud duties are year round and include seasonal activities like breeding of mares, foaling, foal care and nutrition, weaning and foal handling and preparation work for yearlings destined for sale.

Racecourse Maintenance

Racecourse Maintenance involves the preparation and maintenance of the track and grounds. Duties include ensuring that the track looks good and is safe, track work in the mornings and monitoring and policing the entry of horses onto the track.

A wide range of general skills are required, including management and horse handling skills. You will have to deal with trainers, jockeys and horses. You must be fit, prepared for early starts and like working outdoors in all weather. You should be familiar with various aspects of horticulture (e.g. different soils and fertilisers, irrigation systems, grasses, flowering plants, tractors, etc). You must ensure that the facility is ready for a large number of horses – at times over 500 may go through the grounds in one morning.

Thoroughbred Racing Strand

Those undertaking this strand will have the skills to maintain and erect hurdles and steeplechase fences; maintain sand and plough equine racetrack surfaces; organise and conduct barrier training for horses; and operation an irrigation system. They will also have knowledge of turf botany.