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The Hanley Formula

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  • Welcome to 'The Hanley Formula'

    A Complete Body Building Formula For All Equines.

    What Is ‘The Hanley Formula’

    The Hanley Formula is a body building formula developed for all horses and ponies, from weanlings through to very old equines and absolutely everything in between. It  promotes and maintains growth and repair of all equine tissue (muscle, skin, hair, hooves, bone, tendon and cartilage), along with enzymes, hormones and all internal organs.

    There are many reasons people buy The Hanley Formula and it works for them all:

    Nutritious milk production in broodmares

    Development of the unborn foal

    Balanced growth of weanlings and yearlings

    Muscle repair /building and recovery for every equine athlete

    Injury/ illness and surgery recuperation



    Proudly made in New Zealand from 100% natural NZ nutrients. 


    Before your equine athlete starts racing or competing it must have the muscle mass to power its required workload. This work can includes sit and sprint as well as middle and long distance racing, jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance,  rodeo, polo, trekking, carts and games .

    The Hanley Formula is the most powerful muscle building equine supplement available.

    During hard training, racing and competing the large muscle groups which power the horse are broken down and damaged. The only way to build and repair these muscles is by providing your equine athletes the essential building blocks. The Hanley Formula contains all these building blocks.

    By using The Hanley Formula your horse can produce and repair its own tendons, connective tissue (collagen) and ligaments.

    Please give us a call – we are happy to discuss your horses protein and exercise needs.


    The Original Hanley Formula is a pure amino acid concentrate powder that contains all 10 Essential Amino Acids which must be supplied in the diet (arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine) at levels never previously available in an equine supplement.

    This is the best way to top dress your existing feed ensuring all types of horses are receiving the necessary Amino Acids for their varying life stages and work loads.

    Horses Need Protein

    Protein is second only to water as the most abundant component of the horse’s body.


    Sir Patrick Hogan -

    “We have been using The Hanley Formula and have found it is a very safe and effective body building formulation for our young horses . We use The Hanley Formula as a key ingredient in our thoroughbred yearling preparation.”

     John Twomey -

    “The Hanley Formula is an amazing supplement. We use it with the young horses for weight gain and top line. It is great for building lean body mass. For our top eventers the amino acids are crucial to maintaining them at the top end of the sport, assisting with muscle recovery and metabolism.”

    Maxine Green -

    “When I have a horse come into my barn they are instantly put on the Hanley Formula. Not only does their condition improve but their muscles develop stronger. It also very good for young foal and yearling development as it makes their growth grow evenly. I do not see my horses going up higher in the wither than the rear end. This product is a must for any person who has horses-be them racehorses or fun horses and I can highly recommend it to all. My feed shed is never without a 20kg bag in it.”

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    Owner:                  Philippa Hanley

    Phone:                   0800 426 539 (NZ only) or 021 943 282



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