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Equine Performance Solutions

Address: Taikorea Road, Palmerston North
Phone: 027 663 8280
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    'Equine Performance Solutions'

    Treating the whole horse

    Equine Performance Solutions exists to improve the health of animals, particularly horses and their owners, by offering natural therapy and proven products that work for each and every horse/owner.

     Owned and operated by Chantelle Ruane, the business is a result of a lifelong passion for helping horses and using products and therapies that work. With a riding history herself, Chantelle understands how important it is to keep your horses in top shape; to do this you have to have the right therapies to keep your horse at its best. Horses are athletes and we have to treat them like one.


    Equine Performance Solutions provide the opportunity for you to invest in a range of products for your horse at competitive rates.

    Back on Track

    A ceramic fabric product that reflects the horse’s own body heat as an infrared wave to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, reduce acidity and lactic acid and alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments tendons and joints.

    Contact Chantelle for a FREE brochure or to order – great affordable prices and payment plans available.


     Made from Green Lipped Mussel Powder, which provides a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Bio-Active proteins which helps support bone and joint structures, healthy cartilage and provides shock absorbing properties to the joint.


    An international animal nutrition company that helps farmers feed the world, raise healthy animals, and protect the environment through nutritional innovation.


    PEMF Treatments

    Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a specially designed blanket and leggings offering the most effective and advanced treatment for your horse available today. It is widely used overseas by top riders, trainers and recommended by top vets and associates.


    Chantelle provides a Winter Clipping service within the local Manawatu Area and/or can travel North Island wide.

     $60 per horse half clip and $80 per horse full clip incl legs (travel charge may apply)

    Pulse Session PLUS a Clip is $120 per horse local or to travel it is $150 for the combo.

    The Equine Performance Solutions Community

     Sponsored riders

    Check out the full statements of Equine Performance Solutions sponsored riders here.

    And there are various testimonials from their customers here.

    To enjoy the same service as these many customers, get in touch with Chantelle here!

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