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Cydne Evans Racing

Address: 212 Clarks Beach Road, Karaka
Phone: 027 490 8125
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  • Welcome to 'Cydne Evans Racing'
    Licenced 'Class A' Public Trainer

    Racing Operations

    The Cydne Evans Racing racing complex consists of a 12.5 acre property and boasts all that is required to keep horses safe well and happy, including well appointed boxes and covered yards and post and railed paddocking.  Byerley Park training centre is only 7 minutes away for track work.

    The racing operations these days are very individual, a maximum of 12 horses at any one time.  Cydne likes the more intense 'one on one' care for each individual, ensuring that she gets the very best from them, and they receive the very best from her.

    Ambition:  Some nice young stock are coming through and it would be great to think that a Group 1 winner could again be turned out.  ‘Finding that special one, with smaller numbers, does take time’.

    Cydne's Past

    Cydne Evans grew up in West Auckland and as a youngster did everything horsey, progressing through the ranks of Pony Club and on to 3 Day Eventing, including a national  title - NZ Junior Dressage Champion.

    Cydne was always keen on being a jockey, but her father would not allow it, even though she had been brought up around both trotters and gallopers which were her fathers interests. However, she eventually stated out working and riding in the stables of Don McLaren and Charlie Roberts, while taking on pre-trainers at the same time.

    International Experience

    This led on to an interesting and varied career in pre- training, training and riding work in several countries including Hollywood Park in the United States and at Waterstock House in England - in those days was the stabling venue for Olympic riders.  During her time at Waterstock House, Cydne worked at the Stud and with the Olympic event riders and horses.

    'The Argonaut' and Royal Duties

    As result of selling a horse to Queen Elizabeth I, the Queen Mother, Cydne was fortunate to travel to England where she worked for both the Queen Mother and latterly the Queen.  While working for the Queen at the Royal Stud, Cydne got to ride work that season in Norfolk, a highlight of her time in the UK. And one of those horses she rode was ‘The Argonaut’, the horse she had earlier sold to the Queen. 
    ‘The Argonaut’ went on to win 17 races and Cydne happened to be on course at one of those wins - and she was invited to the Royal box to share in the celebrations!

    Past Winners

    In New Zealand, Cydne’s greatest claim to fame on the racing scene is undoubtedly as the trainer of Cyclades,  who won the Wellington Cup in 2002. After her win in Wellington, Cyclades went on to qualify for a start in the Melbourne Cup but unfortunately suffered heat stress a week prior and had to be scratched from the field.

    These days, at age 20, Cyclades remains on the Cydne Evans property and has become a figurehead .....  ‘He makes a great babysitter’ says Cydne.

    During those wonderful days in 202, Cydne was freelancing as a trainer while also pre-training for Normandy Farm, and that’s where she met up with high profile owner Wendy Pye.

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    Address:                  212 Clarks Beach Road, Karaka

    Phone:                      027 490 8125


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